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    Why Turkey ?

    Medical care in medical centers and hospital in Turkey is provided by board-certified physicians, many of who have previously trained in top U.S. or European medical programs. The quality of care is equal, and in many cases far superior, to that available in the UK. Most doctors speak English fluently, with private hospitals in the tourist areas having many English speaking staff.

    The cost of medical care is lower than in the UK due to the lower cost of living, lower staff and doctor’s fees and cheaper medication. In addition, the cost of medical care is lower because there is significantly less administration and paperwork. The vast majority of private patients in Turkey pay the doctor or medical center directly. Unlike the UK, there is no administrative paperwork associated with insurance claims or approval of care for private patients in these countries. The cost of medication and treatment, including dentistry, is typically about half the price of the UK and “medical tourism” is a growing trend with patients traveling from the UK and Western Europe in increasing numbers for dentistry, fertility treatment, cosmetic surgery and other surgical and medical treatments.

    Due to Turkey’s continuing advance in the field of medicine, Turkey is enjoying world-wide acclamation for the scientific value it affords the discipline. The quality of specialists coupled with the latest technological developments in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery ensures we are in the fortunate position of providing patients with the highest calibre qualified medical practitioners.  Our medical team constitutes doctors distinguished for their highly-regarded expertise in the field of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.  Furthermore, our commitment to offering a unique all-in-one package of 24/7 post-operative care in a mild, pleasant environment only a short flight from the UK makes us a viable if not preferable alternative to surgery at home.

    What makes us different than other clinics ?

    We understand travelling abroad for medical purposes is no small undertaking.  Your health and safety is of primary concern so you’re not just looking for competitive prices, but more importantly expertise, high quality treatment facilities and comprehensive aftercare during your recuperation.

    What we offer above our competitors both abroad and in the UK, is an unparalleled experience away from prying eyes.  A friendly, personal, yet professional approach is at the heart of our philosophy,  since we think a nurturing aftercare environment is essential to the recuperation of our patients following their procedures.

    Our surgeons perform major procedures requiring general anaesthesia only in state-registered, state-of-the-art hospitals, fully equipped as you’d expect with any private hospital and our anaesthetists work closely with the surgeons in liaising with the patient beforehand to ensure your needs will be closely adhered to.  Comprehensive pre-operative laboratory tests are performed prior to admission to theatre.


    We offer a before and after UK presence, with routine consultations and follow-up checks being performed at our London and Manchester clinics on a regular basis every 3 months by our lead cosmetic surgeon.


    We recognise that opting to undertake cosmetic surgery requires making an informed decision.  Our advisors are here to guide you towards the correct treatment path by providing as much information as you need with the emphasis on impartiality. 


    All services are administered under the umbrella of REVITALIZE directly, without the involvement of non-specialist third parties.   This makes co-ordinating your package both easier for you with less risk of complications and communication failures.  Going abroad is a big step and we want you to be confident you’re in the best hands without having to endure hiccups in your stay with us.


    You may wish to stay in a luxury hotel/apartment for your recuperation – you have the option to, especially if you wish to bring guests, and we’ll transport you to appointments from select local boutique hotels close to our clinics with ongoing monitoring by our representatives.   If you’re a female travelling alone however, we know venturing abroad to undergo cosmetic surgery in a foreign hospital and recovering alone in a hotel room can be a daunting prospect.  We are therefore delighted to offer a full home-care service, where you can recover in peaceful surroundings at our dedicated private villa by the sea with up to 6 other female patients, being attended to and catered for 24/7 by our housekeepers. Routine follow-up checks with the surgeons at their clinics are scheduled during the stay to which you will be transported to by private chauffeur.

    Diet is an important part of recovery following surgery and our cooks will provide you with nutritious, freshly-prepared Turkish cuisine cooked on the premises.


    We aim to send you home ready to take on your daily routine after a restful stay and follow up with post-surgical advice.  We are always delighted to see our previous patients at our regular UK consultations.


    Patients staying in our luxury private hospitals are in the best medical hands but we felt they might just benefit even more from a dedicated private English-speaking carer who will be at your bedside during your hospital stay, to manage your personal care with a large dollop of maternal affection.